July 31, 2016
by Les Lane


Before summer ends stroll out to the tip of the long pier that slides like a spear into the Gulf of Mexico from the Biloxi Lighthouse. Quiet your mind and open your senses. The sun embraces you, the water gently slaps the girders below and a steady breeze strokes your face and tosses your hair. Squadron after squadron of brown pelicans glide serenely by, sometimes as high as you can throw a rock, sometimes only inches above the water. If you sit there long enough, you begin to notice individuals surfing the currents mid-air, scanning the surface below for fish. All of a sudden one of them pulls in his wings and curves into a 60 foot high dive! He disappears with a small splash, immediately bobs back up, and floats like a cork for a few moments. You imagine that he is either knocking back the fish he’s caught or reviewing his flawed technique. While he is floating there a second one a little farther off dives, and a third. Then the first pelican pushes his wings back out, beats back gravity and climbs into the late afternoon sky. At intervals the other two leave the surface for the sky, and, in a kind of ballet, the three birds repeat the sequence over and over and over. Continue Reading →

July 18, 2016
by Brian Marks
Comments Off on In case you missed it: Noel Jackson Music Satisfaction featured in the June Country Roads Magazine

In case you missed it: Noel Jackson Music Satisfaction featured in the June Country Roads Magazine

Noel Jackson Music Satisfaction is among Baton Rouge Community Radio’s most popular and charismatic programs. Live every Saturday from noon to 3:00pm, Noel Jackson brings listeners his mix of Southern Soul, Blues, and much more mixed in with his unique commentary, only on 96.9FM WHYR-LP.

Country Roads Magazine featured Noel Jackson Music Satisfaction in its June issue. You can read the story here:


July 13, 2016
by Brian Marks
Comments Off on Louisiana All-American Sports’ coverage of #BlackLivesMatter featured in nation-wide broadcast

Louisiana All-American Sports’ coverage of #BlackLivesMatter featured in nation-wide broadcast

This week the Pacifica Radio Network, WHYR-LP’s nationwide community radio partner, broadcast coast-to-coast and internationally special coverage of the Alton Sterling killing and protests on its weekly program Sprouts: Radio from the Grassroots. You can hear the show on 96.9FM Thursday, July 14th, at 6:00am.

The Louisiana All-American Sports team and guests are featured on the program heard in 40+ radio stations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Excerpts from their special live broadcast on Friday, July 8th are featured. The episode also includes coverage of the Philando Castile killing from fellow community radio station KFAI 90.3FM in Minneapolis, MN  hosted by Soul Tools Radio.

You can listen to the episode ‘Black Rage, Black Grief from the Grassroots’ here:


July 10, 2016
by Brian Marks
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Starting Sunday, 7/17 @ 11:30am: Confetti Park – Louisiana music, stories, and more for children (and other imaginative people)

Given the militarization of Baton Rouge’s streets in the past few days and the violence across the country in the past week, we could all use some inspiration, imagination, and fun. Luckily, WHYR-LP welcomes Confetti Park, a half-hour of music, stories, poetry, and more starting Sunday, July 17th. Hear Confetti Park on Baton Rouge Community Radio every Sunday at 11:30am, hosted by Katy Ray of New Orleans, for uniquely Louisianian magic that reminds us how wonderful our state can be.