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Locals Only brings you original Baton Rouge hip-hop and more, Thursdays @ 7:00pm

Baton Rouge Community Radio is proud to premiere another great new local show you’ll only hear on 96.9FM. Starting August 2nd, every Thursday from 7:00-7:30pm listen to Locals Only, hosted by Cindy Wonderful, for exclusively Baton Rouge music, by Baton Rouge artists, from a variety of musical genres including hip-hop and much more.

WHYR-LP is the only place where independent, underground music by Baton Rouge artists is on the radio. We’re the only place where you can hear the unique news and opinion of our local talk programs, the music shows hosted by our local volunteer show hosts, and all the syndicated news and music we broadcast weekly. If you want to keep hearing your Baton Rouge neighbors on the airwaves of our city, support Baton Rouge Community Radio today. We rely on your financial support and your volunteering to continue delivering great programming like Locals Only.

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