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Radiopalooza Is April 21

The 2nd Annual Radiopalooza is fast approaching on April 21 at Beauvoir Park.  Tickets are now on sale for just $10 at  That’s also the place you want to go to keep up with the latest announcements and lineup additions.  Your ticket purchase for Radiopalooza funds the operating cost of this all volunteer community radio project.

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Discovering New Music

One of the things I love about working at WHYR is discovering new music. There is so much good music out there just waiting to get in your ears. Just yesterday, I was going through the mail and we received a Cajun music CD from a record label in Michigan.

Every week, I check the trade magazines for new singles. Then, I check the festival circuit to see who has been added to the mix so I can listen to that. After that, I check to see who is coming to the region to see if there are bands that I need to know. This is all to find a few great bands a week to share with you.

I’d like for WHYR to be a place for music discovery. If you are a music lover, how do you discover music? Do you read Pitchfork? Do you wait to see what your friends recommend? Let us know.