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Well, we’re past Trump’s 100 days and, as of right now, we haven’t been disintegrated by a nuclear blast.  Life is good!

A couple of months ago, this blog lobbied for increased vigilance against poor journalism, but left out specific examples of what could (should?) be avoided by the serious news seeker, problem-solver, and political peace-maker.  Therefore, please find examples of poor journalism enclosed herein dear readers (all five of you).  These were taken from just one liberal clearing house – Alternet on 5-2-17– because that was on the computer screen at the time.  This is not to pick on Alternet.  Huffington Post (now Huffpost), Daily Beast, Salon, Slate, Politico…you name it, they all have bloviation like the following.  The focus here is on liberal journalism because most conservative journalism is so far gone any kind of analysis is an exercise in futility.  Article titles are in italics.  Comment follows. Continue reading KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON

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The following is an account of a shipwreck published in the New York Times on May 27, 1856.

ALMOST A TRAGEDY—Collision of a Steamer and a Schooner—Two Hundred Excursionists Terribly Frightened and Very Nearly Drowned—an Uncomfortable Night at Sea—Varied (word is unclear) Incidents.

An event occurred on Sunday afternoon which might have resulted in the loss of nearly two hundred lives, but which, fortunately, was productive of nothing worse than severe discomfort to the same number of persons, and which, instead of being a tragedy, has resulted in a comedy of a very laughable description

. . . . the old steamer Robert L. Stephens . . . left the foot of Ames street, North River, at 9 o’clock on Sabbath morning, with nearly 200 persons on board. They were very merry. They inhaled the delicious sea breeze, and poisoned it with the smoke of bad cigars. They boasted of their fishing tackle. They drank themselves, and bestowed (word is unclear) and (word is unclear) on their ladies. They rejoiced greatly, and were bent on having the best of all good times. Continue reading MODERATION