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In the coming days we will be adding links to Voter Guides prepared by non-partisan, non-profit organizations. If you are aware of additional voter guides by non-partisan, non-profit organizations, please let us know by email to with VOTER GUIDE in the subject line. WHYR retains the right to determine which Voter Guide links it will post, based on a determination, in the sole discretion of WHYR, that the organization and voter guide meet its standards and conform with the mission of the Baton Rouge Progressive Network.

Deadlines and other information summarized here are from the Louisiana Secretary of State website. This summary of information is presented as a public service without warranty, and without representation that it has not been superseded by changes by the Secretary of State. For the latest information, or in case of doubt, that source should be consulted.

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Voter Guides

Deadlines for the election on Oct. 12, 2019

Deadlines for the election on Nov. 16, 2019

Are you already registered?

How to register to vote

Find your ballot

When, where and how to vote

Secretary of State FAQ links on voting