Baton Rouge Community Radio WHYR 96.9 FM is a local, non-profit, listener-supported radio station broadcasting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Our mission is to be an open voice to inform, connect, amplify, and entertain the diverse communities of Baton Rouge.

Why Community Radio?

Community radio stations build stronger communities by:

  • Encouraging community development
  • Investigating underreported issues and concerns
  • Highlighting the needs of underserved populations
  • Giving a voice to members of the community that are not broadcast by mainstream commercial media
  • Allowing the community a chance to actively participate in the media

Community radio is by the people, for the people.

Community Radio in Baton Rouge

  • Provides virtual and physical community space for dialogue about local issues
  • Connects community organizations to promote a more unified Baton Rouge
  • Features stories to preserve the important cultural history of our city
  • Engages community members to participate in and create their own media

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