Submit a Public Service Announcement

As a community service, we periodically make brief on-air Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on behalf of non-profit organizations and community groups. Please review our PSA guidelines and submission instructions below to help you get your organization’s message on the air in Baton Rouge.

PSA Submission Instructions

WHYR works with non-profits and community groups to prepare and broadcast messages furthering our partners’ mission and purpose. We welcome submissions without date specific announcements, and will gladly consult on effective uses of evergreen radio messaging. For example, a group hosting weekly discussions might record a spot announcing their existence and purpose, while an organization holding adoption events might submit spots on the importance of neutering pets.

Your written PSA copy should be submitted as far in advance as you are able. Be concise and clear, and make sure to refer listeners to your website or calendar. Check that the announcement adheres to FCC and IRS guidelines listed below. Read aloud, PSAs should be about 25 seconds. Send your prepared announcement as plain text within an e-mail (not an attachment) to Include the official name as registered with the State of Louisiana and/or IRS, and whether you are a 501(c)(3). If we haven’t worked together before, please introduce your organization, and attach your IRS determination letter or a link to online documents. Please note that submission does not guarantee acceptance or specific scheduling. Reviews happen periodically through the year, so your patience is appreciated.

Once approved, we encourage you to record the announcement in the voices of your own members. We can help record and edit, but may have to meet outside traditional work hours.

FCC and IRS Guidelines

  • Announcements may not contain an inducement to buy, sell, rent, or lease.
  • Announcements may not contain prices, including free.
  • Announcements may not be for commercial purposes; if it involves money or measurable benefit the recipient must have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Announcements may not contain comparative or qualitative language, like “The best in Baton Rouge.”
  • Announcements may not contain a call to action, such as “Be sure to attend” or “Go outside and hug a tree, then blog about it”


For examples of a consistent series of mission-focused positive yet constructive and action-oriented messages, check out this environmental series from LEAN:

  1. Download: psa_lean_01.mp3
  2. Download: psa_lean_02.mp3
  3. Download: psa_lean_03.mp3
  4. Download: psa_lean_04.mp3
  5. Download: psa_lean_05.mp3
  6. Download: psa_lean_06.mp3
  7. Download: psa_lean_07.mp3
  8. Download: psa_lean_08.mp3
  9. Download: psa_lean_09.mp3
  10. Download: psa_lean_10.mp3
  11. Download: psa_lean_11.mp3
  12. Download: psa_lean_12.mp3
  13. Download: psa_lean_13.mp3
  14. Download: psa_lean_14.mp3
  15. Download: psa_lean_15.mp3
  16. Download: psa_lean_16.mp3
  17. Download: psa_lean_17.mp3
  18. Download: psa_lean_18.mp3


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