WHYR volunteers are passionate about bringing community radio to Baton Rouge. It has been a long road to get the station on the air, but dedicated volunteers have given countless hours to launch and maintain the station. We are currently awaiting the FCC’s decision to become a full power station.

WHYR Timeline

June 2000: BRPN applied to FCC to operate a low-power FM radio station.

September 2004: Awarded construction permit, assigned call letters WHYR-LP.

November 2005: An unaffiliated entity transferred control of WHYR-LP without FCC authorization.

March 2006: Investigation into the unauthorized entity spans from March 2006 to December 2009.

October 2007: BRPN applied to FCC to operate a full-power, non-commercial, educational FM radio station.

January 2010: FCC ruled in favor of BRPN as legal license holder of WHYR-LP, set June 2011 as deadline to begin broadcasting.

February 2011: Formed Community Advisory Board (CAB) to make managerial and operational decisions related to the station. Secured transmitter site.

March 2011: Purchased antenna.

April 2011: Purchased radio software, transmitter equipment, and launched www.whyr.org.

June 2011: Hosted first annual Radiopalooza fundraising event.

June 2011: Began broadcasting local music.

August 2011: Expanded program grid with local volunteer-produced specialty talk and music shows, as well as a few syndicated national shows.

October 2011: Opened excess offices within the station as a collaborative space for start-ups, non-profit organizations and other community groups to meet.

November 2011: Began development of a new website featuring community events and other pertinent station information in a more user-friendly format.

December 2011: Development committee begins planning for a spring 2012 Fund Drive.

March 2012: Launch of the whyr.org website.

November 2012: Thanks to generous listener support, began online streaming.

December 2016: WHYR holds its first, successful, on-air pledge drive.

June 2018: Seven years on the air!