September 29, 2020
by Racheal Hebert
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Voter’s Guide for the November 2020 Elections

The League of Women Voters Greater Baton Rouge State Unit (LWVGBR) has released its Voter’s Guide for the November 2020 Elections.

The League asked every candidate for positions in Baton Rouge for their biographical information, campaign links, and answers to questions related to the position that they are seeking. Ninety percent (90%) of the candidates responded.

The Voter’s Guide includes the candidates for the local positions of District Judge, Mayor, Metro Councilman, Family Court Judge, Justice of the Peace, and Constable. It also includes the responses given to the League of Women Voters of Louisiana by the candidates for Appeals Court Judge, U.S. Representative for Districts 2 and 6, and U.S. Senator, which also appear on East Baton Rouge Parish residents’ ballots.

“The voter’s guide is helpful for comparing candidates’ qualifications and their positions on issues. Reading the voter’s guide makes it easy to make informed decisions at the voting booth instead of guessing or leaving some positions blank, ” said Melissa Yarborough, president and voter education organizer for LWVGBR. Yarborough recommends that voters first check which positions are on their ballot at, then open the LWVGBR’s Voter’s Guide found at to learn about the candidates on their ballot.

About LWVGBR : Formed in 2018, the LWV Greater Baton Rouge State Unit (LWVGBR) is a nonpartisan organization with the dual goals of encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influencing public policy through education and advocacy. LWVBR publishes a voter’s guide for each local election, holds voter registration drives, and engages in other activities promoting participation in democracy.

September 4, 2020
by Natalie Caruso
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Meet WHYR DJ Marc Cohn in “All About Jazz” Feature

Our own Marc Cohn, aka Dr. Jazz, was recently featured in an article on All About Jazz. He explored everything from his first memories of radio to his thoughts on new jazz artists. He also shares how long it takes to prepare each show. (Hint: It’s long!) Click the link below to read the full feature for a quick, fun and insightful ride with the doc himself! And catch his jazz show, Gifts and Messages every Saturday from 3-5pm Central on WHYR.

July 24, 2020
by Natalie Caruso
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Show Some Love.

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Moose Harris provides the best in independent, underground, exclusive hip-hop, R&B and beyond.

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Mike-T brings you the best in real hip-hop and soul.

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