August 25, 2017
by Brian Marks
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Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed speaks on Alton Sterling, BRAVE, the Metro Council and more

The Louisiana All American Sports Show interviewed Mr. Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed on its Saturday, July 29th program.

In the interview (beginning at 16:05 in the program) Mr. Reed addressed his recent remarks to the Baton Rouge Metro Council, his continued call for justice in the Alton Sterling case, the killing of three police officers by Gavin Long last summer and his mission to educate Baton Rouge youth in communication techniques to avoid violence. A contract with Mr. Reed’s organization, Stop the Killing Inc., as part of the BRAVE program was suspended by the City following his comments at the Metro Council and attacks by former Metro Councilman Delgado, Councilman Amoroso, and local conservative media outlet The Hayride, among others.

Among highlights of the interview, Reed said Gavin Long committed a “horrific act” and “a very serious act of terrorism,” going further to say “I apologize to those family members who lost their family in law enforcement at that particular act that took place.” Other Baton Rouge media outlets have selectively quoted from Reed’s statements to portray him as sympathetic with Long.

Explaining those comments at length, in the LAAS interview Mr. Reed said: “Salamoni’s action is what brought this havoc here to Baton Rouge, brought this violence here to Baton Rouge from Gavin Long, is what I was actually saying that violence begets violence here in Baton Rouge by Salamoni’s actions … (I’m) not glorifying what Gavin Long did because definitely, being an activist for stopping the killing I’m not ‘stop the killings just on blacks,’ I’m for stop the killings against police officers or whatever cause needs to be fought for.”

Addressing the continued lack of action by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry to charge BRPD officer Blane Salamoni in Alton Sterling’s July, 2016 death, Reed said, “This case should be closed, Salamoni should be fired according to the videos that have been seen with him placing a gun to Alton Sterling’s head. … The City Council has taken action on other officers and fired them just for making text messages. [Salamoni] should be fired based on putting a gun to an individual’s head and threatening to kill him. That’s conduct unbefitting of an officer.”

Speaking more broadly about the need for police reform in Baton Rouge and his work with youth through Stop the Killing, Inc., Slim said the movement for justice for Alton Sterling “is still a struggle, a continuation of the Civil Rights Movement to try to stop these type of individuals, get rid of them so that we can have a police force we can be proud of. We have a very good police force in Baton Rouge but we still have some bad apples that’s stuck inside of that bunch. ” Continue Reading →

August 15, 2017
by Brian Marks
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Coverage of Charlottesville, racism and resistance on 96.9FM

Listen to (and SUPPORT!) Baton Rouge Community Radio for the ONLY independent community media outlet in Baton Rouge bringing you the voices of:

Ta-Nehasi Coates, Cornel West, and others on terror in Charlottesville, white supremacy, fears of ‘good negro government’ and reparations for slavery;

Louisiana All-American Sports with Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed in his own words on justice for Alton Sterling;

Where the Alligators Roam interviewing Nancy Maclean on her book “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America” and the links between Massive Resistance to racial integration and Governor Jindal’s deconstruction of Louisiana state government

Rev. Welton Gaddy on ‘How Jesus Joined the GOP‘ and ‘Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats’;

The Ralph Nader Radio Hour in conversation with James Whitman, author of ‘Hitler’s American Model’ on Nazi modeling of the antisemitic Nuremberg Laws on American immigration law and anti-miscegenation statutes;

CounterSpin on the ongoing resistance to the Dakota Access and Bayou Bridge pipelines in Nebraska, North Dakota (And Louisiana!)

Making Contact on the murder of George Jackson and the prison abolition movement

August 6, 2017
by Brian Marks
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Nether Street’s Space Rock extravaganza

Baton Rouge Community Radio’s progressive and psych rock show Nether Street, airing Wednesdays 10:00pm – midnight with Clyde Cleburne and robot side-kicks Laura and Graham, is out with a special Space Rock episode featuring Hawkind, David Bowie, German Krautrock, and lots more. Alien abductions and surly commentary by Clyde’s AI personal assistant are likely.

You can listen to the Nether Street Space Rock episode on demand here: