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Viewing party: expanded debate with third party presidential candidates, Monday, Oct 22, 7:30-11:00pm

Got the third party exclusion blues? Join us in person on Monday, October 22, from 7:30–11:00pm, for a free, live, outdoor video viewing party of the third Presidential debate as presented by Democracy Now’s Expanding the Debate series. Using time-shifted video technology, this version of the debate includes all the questions and every second of the responses from President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, but also interpolates real-time responses from Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party nominee Rocky Anderson, and potentially Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. This could be your last chance to hear from all Presidential candidates appearing on the ballot in Baton Rouge.

We’ll provide the sights, sounds, and popcorn. You bring a chair, a friend, and a jacket or blanket to keep warm. Weather permitting, the viewing party will take place in our station parking lot at 1623 Main St. Otherwise it will be held inside the station. Parking is available on both sides of Main Street. Got questions? Contact We hope you can make it to the most democratic debate-watching party in town!

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