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WHYR Internships: Applications due Fri, August 30th

WHYR is opening two intern positions for Fall 2013. Principally, our interns will be tasked with doing any of the things that our regular volunteer staff does to keep the station on the air and up and running in a professional manner. All interns will be well-trained and supervised and will have the benefit of knowing that all of their core assignments matter and are vital to the success of our operations at WHYR.

Interns are expected to work 8-16 hours a week for 10-12 weeks, a term beginning September 2013 and ending December 2013. In addition to assigned duties, interns will be expected to meet bi-weekly with WHYR intern coordinator, attend monthly committee meetings and participate in station functions. This is an unpaid position, but course credit may be attained by agreement of respective educational departments and/or college. Prospective interns will be responsible for coordinating course credit opportunities with their department/college, at which time the intern coordinator will provide any necessary documentation.

Outreach and Communications Intern
The intern’s goals are to establish and maintain relationships with local organizations and individuals, including media channels, nonprofit organizations, supporting businesses, music venues that support local music, local musicians, and activists. Intern will work with WHYR internship coordinator as well as the Development Committee on the following activities:

– Coordinate outreach and promotional events
– Develop marketing and messaging campaign plans
– Update web content and community calendar(s)
– Contribute to social media presence, including Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and blogs
– Manage communication with external organizations and Programming/Operations Intern

Programming and Operations Intern
The intern’s goals focus on the technical side of the station and operations. Intern will work with WHYR internship coordinator as well as the Programming and Management Committees on the following activities:

-Maintain and update digital music library
-Record, edit, and produce interviews, PSAs and underwriting announcements
-Voice track music mix time periods
-Insert prerecorded shows and generate playout logs

Our internship program seeks to accomplish a lot not only in furtherance of our station, but also in providing indispensable hands-on experience that may be invaluable and increasingly difficult to find in our market. Not only are we eager to work with you, but we appreciate that we cannot succeed in delivering quality programming over the long haul without you.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to by August 30, 2013 and tell us why you’d like to be involved. For more information on Baton Rouge Community Radio or Internships, visit or email

Many thanks!

Baton Rouge Community Radio Management

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