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From the Backstage: Connect for Positive Action

Another revolution around the sun is completed as yet another begins. Time marches on, but certain things stay the same. Violence, oppression, and corruption seemingly abound in the world, including right here at home. Such a reality can leave many people feeling like they have nothing to contribute to solving the world’s problems.

Yet amidst all of the negative consistencies, there are positive ones, too. One of these is people’s commitment to working for positive social change, and in the past year certain movements for justice have been reignited by those who are standing and speaking up to agitate and make change in the face of continued oppression and injustice.

We at BRPN believe in the necessity of both realism and positivity in this work. After all, where there is violence, there is the opportunity for prevention and healing. Where there is oppression, there is the opportunity for working toward liberation, humanization, and equality. This is why we selected “positive mindset” as one of our core values.

Positive Mindset

  • We are visionary and forward-thinking, and believe that positive change is possible. To this end, we are committed to amplifying and developing our community’s assets rather than focusing on its deficits. 
  • We believe that problems, deficiencies, and challenges are opportunities for creative remedies, therefore we identify problems only as a prerequisite for identifying solutions. 
  • We accept that barriers are realistically inherent in all social change work, therefore we work within the world as it is to seek progress, not perfection. 
  • We uphold this value not as feel-good optimists, but as individuals who understand that a positive mindset is integral to effective social change work.

Alice Walker famously stated, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Everyone has the power to advance social change. In what ways have you resolved to recognize and use your power this year? Whatever your answers to that question, finding it likely starts with the resolution to hold a positive mindset and to seek out and get involved in those local organizations that are working for justice and positive social change on the issues that you care most about.

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