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** Third Place: Special Election Coverage 2014 **

db & ewe

Please tune in to 3dP during these final days for our independent and uncensored look at candidates for the 6th Congressional district as well as an excellent summary of the 14 Constitutional Amendments that will be on the ballot. Election Day is fast approaching this Tuesday on November 4th. Here’s your chance to get informed every day at 5:00p and again on election day. On Friday, we interviewed Edwin W. Edwards and on Monday, we interview our last candidate for the 6th US Congressional District race, Captain Bob Bell.  All shows will also be archived on for your edification and convenience.

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Baton Rouge Drinking Water: This week’s Third Place

Please tune in to 3dP this week for the first in a two part series honoring National Water Quality Month. Taylor Spicer and I interview several guests who are intimately aware of the issues to take a comprehensive look at the history and many facets of the ongoing struggle to manage the Southern Hills Aquifer in a sustainable way.  If you don’t know all about the water you bathe in, cook with and drink each day, you probably should.  Here’s your chance on Thursday at 5:30p, Sunday at 11:30a, next Thursday at 6:30a and again the following week.

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