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Meet a Louisiana lawyer you’ll like on Law and Disorder, heard only on 96.9FM in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Community Radio airs lots of great locally-produced shows every week. We also carry many syndicated shows, from Democracy Now! to the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, State of Belief, Planetary Radio and many more. (You can see our entire weekly schedule and click on the name of any show to learn more about it and get on-demand podcasts of previous episodes here).

Every Wednesday, Law and Disorder airs on 96.9FM. The program is about the law and the legal profession, from a left political perspective. The show is excellent every week, but on December 11th it featured a Louisianian, Allison McCrary, the president of the Louisiana chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Ms. McCrary was also former Program Director for the Community-Police Mediation at the New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor. She was a guest on Baton Rouge Community Radio in July 2016, when she spoke to a special edition of Louisiana All-American Sports covering the Alton Sterling protests on conditions in the Baton Rouge jail for the hundreds of people arrested while non-violently protesting the killing of Mr. Sterling by Baton Rouge police.

Law and Disorder December 11, 2017

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