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Immigration coverage you won’t hear elsewhere? – It’s here on Baton Rouge Community Radio

Baton Rouge Community Radio’s variety of news, opinion, and talk programming is covering U.S. immigration and detention policies and popular protest, as we have since we went on the air in 2011. Here’s a sampling of recent broadcasts available on-demand:

Democracy Now!’s daily coverage, heard locally Monday-Friday at 7am and 4pm on 96.9FM:

State of Belief (every Sunday at 12pm), from Sunday 6/24:

June 23, 2018 – Zero Tolerance

Law and Disorder (Wednesdays @ 8am) for 6/27 on hypercriminalizing pipeline protests (as the Louisiana legislature seeks to do regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline)

Women of faith protesting for immigrant children, from WINGS (Women’s International News-Gathering Service, heard on WHYR Tuesdays at 8am) this week:

Last week’s Making Contact (every Tuesday at 5:00pm on WHYR) episode on the cost of deportations in one Guatemalan community:

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